About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

Women Physicians of APPNA or WAPPNA is an organization formed by women physician members of APPNA for the purpose of empowering women and children. WAPPNA ( Women Physicians of APPNA ) was formally approved as an auxiliary organization of APPNA with its own unique charter, mission statement, constitution and bylaws and Executive Council. This took place in the Spring meeting of APPNA in 2008 in Dallas. It is a secular organization which opens its doors to all women physicians of Pakistani descent regardless of color, religion and other orientation. WAPPNA has its own tax ID # and tax exempt status. The main purpose of this organization is as follows:

1. Provide a forum for North American women physicians of Pakistani descent to network professionally and socially.

2. Identify, initiate and carry out projects for the social and economic betterment of women and children in Pakistan and North America.

3. Hold meetings coinciding with the APPNA meetings to discuss the various social, medical and economic issues faced by women and children of the world.

Founding Team

Shaheen Mian MD

Shaheen Mian, MD

  • Internist in private practice since 2000
  • Assistant Clinical Professor Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston MA Clinical
  • Instructor for Tufts Medical students
  • Preceptor for Nurse Practitioner students at Boston College School of Nursing and Regis College
  • Quality Medical Director of Milton Primary Care 2012-2019
  • Lifetime Member of APPNA
  • Lifetime Member of FJMC Alumni Association (FJMCAA)
  • Lifetime Member of WAPPNA
  • Founding Member of WAPPNA
  • Past President of WAPPNA Past
  • President of FJMCAA
  • Co- Chair Publication Committee APPNA 2020
  • Member Publication Committee 2021
  • Medical Advisor New England Bangladesh American Foundation (NEBAF)
  • Part of First APPNA Medical Mission to Bangladesh for Rohingya refugees 2017
Humeraa Qamar

Humeraa Qamar, MDM,MPH,FAAP

  • President and CEO Childrens Medical Group in Ocala FL

  • Founding President Women Physicians of APPNA ( WAPPNA ) 2009-2011
  • Secretary WAPPNA 2011-2012
  • Treasurer WAPPNA 2019-2020
  • Treasurer APPNA Florida Chapter 2010-2011
  • Secretary APPNA Florida Chapter 2012-2013
  • President of APPNA Florida Chapter 2014-2015
  • Co-Chair APPNA Social Welfare and Disaster Relief Committee 2012
  • Co-Founder Medical Corps Committee 2012
  • Member Hotel Selection Committee 2013
  • Chair Harmony Peace & Engagement Committee 2016
  • Treasurer Allama Iqbal Alumni Association of NA 2010
  • Member At Large Allama Iqbal Alumni Association of NA 2011-2012
  • Member APPNA Finance Committee 2018
  • Member Medical Corps Committee APPNA 2018
  • Recipient of Award for outstanding service to APPNA 2018
  • Member Communication Committee 2020
  • Founding Life Member and Executive Director APPNA PEDS 2015-2019
  • Co- Chair Host Committee Annual APPNA Meeting Orlando FL 2019
  • Host Committee APPNA Summer Meeting Orlando FL 2008
  • Chair CME Committee Annual Summer Meeting 2019
  • Part of First APPNA Medical Mission to Bangladesh for Rohingya refugees 2017
Naheed Chaudhry

Naheed Chaudhry, MD

  • Obstetrician Gynaecologist
  • Asst Professor Adjunct, Mcmaster University, Hamilton, ON,Canada
  • Lifetime Member APPNA & WAPPNA
  • Founding Member WAPPNA & APPNA Canada
  • Past President FJMCAA & WAPPNA
  • Member multiple committees of APPNA
  • Co-Chair Finance Committee 2021

Sarwat Iqbal, MD

  • Graduate of FJMC
  • Past President, FJMCAA
  • Founding member and Past President, WAPPNA
  • Founder DENTAL APPNA
  • Founding member, APPNAPUN
  • Established APPNA Portal for ECFMG for all Medical Schools in Pakistan, in collaboration with ECFMG Commission and the Principals of medical schools in Pakistan.


Wappna was founded by women physicians who are lifetime members of Appna. The founding members were asked invariably about the need for establishing Wappna when Appna had already been founded many years ago. The answer was that Appna has its long list of achievments and they have done incredible work over the years. Wappna wanted to focus mostly on under served women and children as our focus was narrow and being a new entity we wanted to do what we aimed to achieve with limited resources. Initially Wappna faced a fair amount of push back and was not getting the recognition it needed. But now it is recognized as a viable entity that people want to align themselves with. Wappna is here to help anybody and everybody within our limitations. The founding members are Naheed Chaudhry, Sarwat Iqbal, Humeraa Qamar and Shaheen Mian. We banded together to form Wappna as we realized that our goal was similar and aspirations the same. We continued to form the Executive Commitee and run the day to day functioning of the organization. As we added more members we were able to assign responsibility accordingly. We were pleasantly surprised to see that there are many members who share the same passion to provide care to the needy and at the same time develop women empowerment. We will work towards getting appropriate representation of women physicians in leadership roles within Appna. Wappna is a formidable platform and the more members we have the stronger the organization will get. We invite all women physicians looking to develop their skills in leadership roles and provide philanthropy to join us. We welcome you.

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