WAPPNA Projects

WAPPNA Projects


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  • Flood relief involving rebuilding homes of people of KPK in Pakistan. We were able to house them back in their previously destroyed homes due to the floods.
  • Clean water supply provided to a community in Sindh in collaboration with a local non profit.
  • Asian Human Rights Commission report made by Wappna was published highlighting the atrocities on women and children against the war on terror. This was presented to the State Dept.
  • Financial support provided to a school in the village of Kasran near Rawalpindi to teach computer science to the local students. Laptops were donated and running expenditure was provided as long as we had it under our care.
  • Scholarships given to deserving, under privileged students in Pakistan.
  • Amnesty International and Human Watch participation organized by Amnesty International on Internal Womens Day in Washington DC.
  • Wappna organized the first Youth Conference in New York in 2010 under the banner of Appna.
  • Participated in the US State Dept discussion to facilitate US- Pak relations.
  • Sponsored the Julian Center, a shelter for abused women and children of South Asian descent.
  • Annual Wappna meetings have invited prominent Pakistani American professionals and Pakistani diplomats to be keynote speakers.
  • Wappna sponsored the housing project in Detroit Michigan for Pakistani women physicians coming to the US to take their exams and apply for residency positions. Wappna bought a van to facilitate transportation of these women physicians.
  • The Razia Zohra Memorial Institute was founded in Jhang to train local women to learn sewing and develop skills to adopt a trade so they could be financially self sufficient.
  • Wappna physicians joined the Appna team to provide medical aid and distribute free medical supplies, food and clothing to the Rohingya refugees stranded in Bangladesh in 2017.
  • It is worth noting that Wappna has 0% overhead as we do our charitable projects at our own cost and sometimes will use our family members who are just as vested as we are in these projects.

Houses were rebuilt with the help of WAPPNA after they were destroyed in the floods in KPK Pakistan.

Separate water wells built by WAPPNA for human and animal consumption.

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